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Jeff Murray Owner

Hello, my name is Jeff Murray. From 1995 to 2000, I was the Senior Graphic Designer / Design Department Supervisor for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage's Personal Marketing Group. In 2003, I started Lender Design with the vision and idea of providing individual mortgage professionals with the same type of high-quality marketing tools I designed/created while working at Wells Fargo, all for a price everybody can afford.

Some examples of items included in the Lender Design Membership:

Lender Design Membership: $99 PER YEAR

The Lender Design Membership offers an extraordinary value! Included are popular and effective marketing and communication tools that Mortgage Loan Originators rely on to grow their businesses and promote their personal brands. For $99 per year, you will have access to and be able to download every template Lender Design has to offer without limitations.

If only one item works one time, you will earn a sizable return on your $99 investment.


Open House Flyer

Open House / Loan Comparison / Listing Flyers


Flyer templates that allow you to enter property photo(s), loan data and co-brand with Listing Agent. Many fields auto-calculate, such as PI, PITI, APR, etc. Lender Design's Open House Flyers have been reviewed and approved by an independent, full-service mortgage compliance company (Firstline Compliance). Create an unlimited number of open house / loan comparison / listing flyers. These are great to save in JPG format for posting on social media!

Mortgage Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter


Pre-written, pre-designed and ready-to-print/send/post. The monthly newsletter comes in four versions: 8.5" x 11" single-sided flyer, 8.5" x 5.5" double-sided postcard, Digital e-mail and for sharing on Facebook. Co-branding is available on all versions, except for the sharing on Facebook version.

Mortgage Marketing Tools

Weekly Mortgage Market Report


The Weekly Mortgage Market Report is based on Freddie Mac's Primary Mortgage Market Survey, and comes in two versions: With rates and commentary or Commentary only (without rates). The Weekly Mortgage Market Report is published each Thursday.

Mortgage Marketing Tools

A Wide Variety of Marketing and Communication Templates


These are more generic, pre-made templates that are available in Flyer, Postcard, E-mail, Facebook and/or JPG Image formats. Most items can be co-branded with Referral Partners. Categories include: Relationship Letters, Buyers, Renters, Realtors, Refinance, Homeowners, Educational, Payment Charts, Coupons. New templates are constantly being added to the catalog and existing templates are updated as needed.

Mortgage Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Images (fully personalized)


Create images that can be posted to all of your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.). Lender Design's social media marketing images include full personalization, unlike many other vendors that only offer generic images. That way your info stays with the image for maximum exposure.

Mortgage Marketing Tools

Customizable Flyer Templates


Create great-looking flyers featuring your own customized written content. Flyers can be co-branded with Referral Partners. New templates are constantly being added.

Mortgage Marketing Tools

Holiday / Celebration / Event e-greetings


Designed for e-mailing to your contacts or posting/sharing on Facebook. You control delivery of your email items. You can choose to deliver through your main email application using the BCC field or use a bulk email service. Whichever way you decide to deliver your email items, you have the flexibility to control the costs.

The Lender Design Membership includes valuable features:

Mortgage Marketing Tools

Download flyers in JPG Image Format

Download most items in high-quality JPG image format directly through the Lender Design website. With a JPG image, you have the flexibility to post it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, other social media sites and blog or website pages. Additionally, send JPG images through text, email and private messages.

Mortgage Marketing Tools

Co-brand with Referral Partners

On most items, you can include a Referral Partner's photo, logo and contact information along side your own. "Co-branding" allows you the opportunity to build a stronger partnership with Referral Partners... It also helps you expand your exposure to a larger audience.

Mortgage Marketing Tools

Real Facebook Sharing

Share most items to your Facebook page or timeline. This is a real Facebook post... When visitors at your Facebook page click on the link of your post, they will be taken to a corresponding detailed webpage hosted on Lender Design's member website. This webpage will be personalized with your contact info, photo, etc.

Mortgage Marketing Tools

HTML eMail Format

Send most items via email in HTML format (text and images are included in the body of the email). Lender Design's email templates are tested and optimized for most email platforms, including Outlook and Gmail to help ensure consistent display, smaller email file sizes and improved deliverability.

The Lender Design Story

Hello again. As I mentioned above, my name is Jeff Murray and I created Lender Design in 2003 in Tacoma, Washington. My vision or mission has always been to simply provide mortgage loan originators with professionally designed marketing and communication tools at an oh-so-easy-to-afford price. In 2008, I changed the main company name to Visual Info Design LLC. Lender Design LLC remains a registered trade name.

Prior to starting Lender Design, I was the Senior Graphic Designer / Design Department Supervisor of the Norwest Mortgage / Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Personal Marketing Group. During that time, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (and Norwest Mortgage prior to merging with Wells Fargo) was one of the largest U.S. mortgage lenders. Developing and designing personalized marketing materials for a huge nationwide company provided me with extremely valuable experience and knowledge about marketing and branding principles, legal and compliance regulations and how to efficiently provide marketing materials to thousands of individuals.

Lender Design is unique because I possess more than 20 years of both graphic design and mortgage industry marketing experience. This combination is very rare, if exists at all outside of Lender Design. Lender Design has been around for a long time and I am proud it is one of the first companies to offer personalized loan originator marketing. I am also proud that Lender Design is a leader in the mortgage marketing field.


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