A Lender Design Membership is like having your own corporate marketing guy

About Visual Info Design and the Lender Design Membership

Hi. This is Jeff Murray, founder of Visual Info Design LLC (the company) and creator of the Lender Design Membership (the product/service).

I am a former Senior Graphic Designer at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and I have 27+ years of experience designing mortgage-specific marketing and communication tools.

I have a lot in common with the typical Loan Officer. I work independently and am capable of managing several different tasks. I don't have set working hours. If I'm available, I will help you, whether in the evening, on weekends, or even while on vacation.

My mission has always been to provide high-quality marketing designs, helpful customer support, and reasonable prices. I would be honored and grateful to have you as the newest Lender Design member!

Visual Info Design - Lender Design Membership