Research confirms that coupons still heavily influence consumer purchase decisions

Mortgage Marketing Coupons
The power of coupons

According to a study by, 86% of consumers try new products because of coupons. That is why coupons are included in the Lender Design Membership. Because they can help you generate more business.

Customize your discount

You control the offer. It's always a good idea to clear any coupon offerings with your compliance department.

Mortgage Marketing Coupons
Mortgage Marketing Coupons
The small print is covered

The small print has been carefully written to cover all of the essentials, such as the expiration date and specific terms.

Set yourself apart from the competition

Often, it's not the specific discount that matters but that consumers are getting a deal from you that they're not getting from the competition.

Mortgage Marketing Coupons
Mortgage Marketing Coupons
Co-brand with Referral Partners

Share the power of coupons with Referral Partners and add more value to the relationship.

Available in several different formats

• Flyer - PDF (for printing)
• Flyer - JPG (for social media)
• Postcard - PDF
• 3 to a sheet
• HTML Email
• Facebook Share

Mortgage Marketing Coupons
Mortgage Marketing Coupons
5 different coupon versions:

• For Purchase
• For Refinance
• Purchase or Refi
• For Healthcare Workers
• For Company Employee Discounts